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November 11, 2012
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Nov 10, 2012, 2:38:08 PM
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Day 322 by ErinBird Day 322 by ErinBird
Name: The end ~ 322.366

Lots of people every day take their own lives as they are unhappy with them . I made this photo to just spread awareness of it , because when I was taking the bus to town today and 3 boys were laughing and mocking at a person who had killed themselves . "How pathetic ! It's like , come on , cheer up !" It made me really disgusted . Depression isn't something people can just stop , it's not like they wake up thinking 'Okay , today i'm just not gonna be depressed' . Sigh , I don't know .. The drugs look a bit too much like sweets :/ but their not , they're actually vitamins .

Tumblr: [link]

Enjoy , comment & fave ! ☮

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Oh, no you suicided yourself with vitamins, and now nobody can save you from a horrible rich in vitamins death   :(
ErinBird Dec 27, 2013  Student Photographer
idk if you're trying to be a troll or anything but I obviously wasn't going to get real suicidal pills just for taking this picture, and you can actually die from over-dosing on vitamins - if you have loads it can lead to some pretty bad symptoms that can possibly kill you. 
oh, about being a troll, sorry, I guess not every can like my strange sense of humor
ErinBird Dec 28, 2013  Student Photographer
ah no it's fine, it's just I get a lot of trolls commenting on my pictures, so sorry I thought you might've been one
Oh, no it's ok, well I guess its bad to be troll magnet,
or maybe it is just a bunch of people who got 
strange sense of humor as well :)
ErinBird Dec 28, 2013  Student Photographer
Yes, I know, lol, after all everything in excess is bad, you can even die if you drink too much water
Tobassinesia Sep 29, 2013

Before my mother started homeschooling me, I went to a school where guys would pick on girls. They would gang up and say nasty things. Some were very popular among the girls as well. A few nasty females would also group up and pick on people like me. It was cruel and degrading. But I turned out to be more trouble than they bargained for, since I would insult them back or even resort to violence. I got into far more trouble than they did, sometimes. I also got incredibly stressed from exams and I would go to school with an aching stomach. My friends always managed to make me laugh, though... even when I thought I couldn't.

That was awhile ago, though. I was only around 12 when I left school. And I was 12 when I went through a full 3 month depression. I haven't gotten depressed since then, though, despite being friendless now.
ErinBird Sep 30, 2013  Student Photographer
wow that's really tough ! I'm sorry to hear about your past ): but I guess you get people like that wherever you go to be honest . At my school , there was a bunch of girls that would always and only pick on me for no reason at all . I only had one lesson with them a week and that was P.E/gym (or whatever you call it) and they would always bully me . My friends got sick of it and stood up to them for me which I will always and forever appreciate . One of my friends reckons they were being racist as my background it mostly Arabic . It hasn't been the first time I've been abused of racism . But hey , school sucks in that way that people can be mean towards others , i'm just glad that they've gone to a different school now . 
Tobassinesia Sep 30, 2013
Sounds like you've had a tough past too. I'm glad you had such awesome friends to stick up for you like that, ahah. What kind of things would the nasty girls say to you?

I once lived in Australia and went to school there until I was 8. I'm actually half Pakistani (and proud of that side far more than my Aussie side, to be honest), and also a Muslim, so the kids at school usually thought me weird. I only made 3 friends (all boys), and they were... well, boys. They treated me like a boy too, so I got pushed around a bit. It was all right with me, because I could push back. I never got picked on by racists, though. Lucky me I guess. |-D

And obviously, in Pakistan I was never bullied for being Pakistani or a Muslim, although I was made fun of for my accent and the fact that I couldn't speak any Urdu (but I suppose that was called for since I still hardly know Urdu and I've lived here for years). I was just one of those kids that bit back when bitten. I wasn't even afraid of snapping at teachers when I was in the mood. I would often get that "teacher glare" though, and I don't like the teacher glare. Sigh.
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